What You Need to Know About Email Verification

Email verification is a process to validate email addresses. It’s like a tune-up to ensure your email is working properly and that it’s going to the right place. This is especially important if you’re sending out emails as part of a digital marketing campaign.

How do I validate email address format?

Having valid emails means you’re getting in front of the consumer who will most likely be interested in your business. In addition, valid emails also broaden your network.

Using an email verification system is a smart move. These services are designed to help you keep your sender reputation high while avoiding spam blacklists. They can also stop fake sign-ups.

The best email verification services are built on a network of servers. Quality services will offer varying levels of accuracy and speed. When looking for an email verification service, consider what type of needs you have. You’ll need a tool that can perform a variety of checks and provide a corresponding report.

An email validation system will also check for invalid email addresses. In particular, you’ll want to remove those that are obsolete. If you’re using an enterprise solution, you’ll need a dedicated staff to manage the lead process.

Other features that are great to have include a list categorization feature. A good list categorization tool will allow you to identify the emails that are most likely to engage with your marketing messages.

If you’re using an email validation tool, you’ll need to test your results. That’s where a ping check comes in. A ping check will send an EHLO message to the target email address.