Protect Your Assets With a Plant Machinery Tracker

Our plant machinery tracker offers you a comprehensive security solution that not only prevents theft but also increases the chances of theft recovery. We provide both covert options that can be fitted without the operator knowing and more visible devices that act as a deterrent and help to deter criminals in the first place.

Plant equipment and machines can be a real target for thieves, as they are usually kept on site overnight. Many thieves may be opportunistic but more and more ‘professional’ organized crime groups are targeting single items that they can quickly ship out of the country for sale abroad. Plant and machinery tracking systems work as a visual deterrent to thieves and can offer additional features such as remote immobilization via the web app or mobile phone.

Asset Armor: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Plant Machinery with Trackers

The GPS tracking device can be easily installed onto powered and non-powered equipment and is battery operated so can be hidden from thieves. It comes with a desktop web portal that shows the location of your assets in real-time and has additional alerts such as if the vehicle moves from a pre-set geofence or out of working hours.

The tracking devices can also be used with caravans, farm equipment, skips, and any item that moves infrequently or is left at a standstill for periods. It is a cost-effective system that can be self-installed and provides full fleet management features such as on-site reports, shift reports and a history log for each machine or asset.