Pros and Cons of the Smart Gutter Guard

Smart Gutter Guard

In a recent Amazon review of the Smart Gutter Guard, customers were largely satisfied with the product and the installation process, but some were disappointed with the sales tactics. HomeCraft quoted an overpriced price and continued to lower it until the customer agreed to purchase the product. Other pros of this product include a transferable warranty and a seamless installation process. Cons: The mesh guard can be difficult to install and some customers said that water rushed through it. The mesh guard has a slick coating to keep water from leaking through it. However, this problem isn’t a major issue, and most consumers gave the product a four or five-star rating.

Most Consumers Gave The Product A Four Or Five-star Rating

The Smart Gutter Guard can be installed without a professional’s help. Installing a temporary guard on your gutter is relatively easy. Permanent guards are best installed by a professional. Generally, gutters are five inches wide. In rare cases, you may need a larger gutter. To choose the right one for your home, measure the width of your gutter and then measure it. Then, choose a height that best matches your gutter height.

Another advantage of a Smart Gutter Guard is its ability to prevent debris from entering your gutter system. Debris and other large particles can clog up your gutter system, preventing proper drainage. As mud and water accumulate in the clogged area, a clog will develop. A clog can even attract pests. These pests can make their nests in the gutter and enter your home. A gutter guard can protect your home and keep pests out of your gutters.