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Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing industry, but there are many aspects that you need to consider before investing. Peter Janssen has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and his tips for investing in the cryptocurrency market can help you make a profit without wasting your time. While cryptocurrency is an unregulated market, the price of Bitcoin has soared, leading many to overinvest in it. Some of these early investors ended up hodlers, not selling their coins. Find out more

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

FirstBlock Capital, which Janssen founded, focuses on investing in digital assets. The firm is led by VC Peter Janssen, who believes that cryptocurrencies are a timely investment opportunity. He has over 10 years of experience in venture capital, trading, and portfolio management. While he initially was interested in Bitcoin, he quickly realised that the cryptocurrency was much more than a passing fad. In June 2020, Janssen agreed to settle a lawsuit by paying the client $17,500.

One of the major concerns about cryptocurrency is its security. The risks of hackers breaking into the accounts of investors are much greater with centralized systems than with decentralized systems. In a decentralized system, it takes a large majority of the coins to make a hack. Because of this, cryptocurrency investments are safer than centralized ones. Although Peter Janssen does not advocate investing in cryptocurrency exclusively, he has diversified his portfolio and sold a small amount of crypto assets every now and then.