Performance Diesel Pickup Truck Upgrades

When it comes to power and torque, there are plenty of options for your diesel pickup truck. This is especially true now that more and more people are getting into truck and tractor pulling, drag racing and overall performance driving.

A big part of a ultimate tuning engine’s performance is fuel delivery. Diesels are two-stroke or four-stroke engines that operate on a compression cycle where diesel is injected into the cylinder and burned to generate mechanical energy that powers motion.

One of the most important diesel performance upgrades is to replace your factory injectors with higher-flow, aftermarket diesel injectors. This increases fuel pressure, which means more power. Some diesel injectors also feature a specific hole pattern that improves atomization of the fuel to maximize power.

Power and Precision: The Art of Diesel Performance Upgrades

Another key diesel performance upgrade is to add a cold air intake. This not only boosts performance but helps keep the intake temperatures down to help prevent engine damage.

Adding a high-performance camshaft can add some serious power to a diesel engine. However, the camshaft duration must be limited due to tight piston-to-valve clearances in a diesel engine. Be sure to talk with your client and find out exactly what they want out of their vehicle before recommending a camshaft.

Most performance diesel pickup trucks use a tuner or module to make adjustments to the ECM and/or fuel injectors. Be sure to only buy a tuner from a reputable company with proven track record of producing quality products that are non-detectable and do not void the truck’s warranty.