Painters Mornington Peninsula

painters mornington peninsula

Painter mornington peninsula can help you create a feature wall or mural that will really stand out from the rest. They can enlarge a photograph or drawing for you, or they can design the whole thing from scratch. They will prepare the surface by cleaning it carefully, putting down drop sheets and painting a base colour if needed. Then they will get to work painting your artwork, using a ladder to reach all parts of the piece. They may reference a drawing or photo throughout the process to make sure they get everything right.

Painterly interpretations

Sophie is passionate about paint; exploring the endless possibilities for expression through marks, shapes & light. Using the still life arrangement of a glorious bunch of flowers from Peninsula Wildflower Sophie will structure the workshop around loose, painterly interpretations and allow you to explore mark making & loose brush work. This will suit beginners as well as seasoned artists who would like to loosen up!

Unveiling the Masterpieces: Discovering the Prominent Painters of Mornington Peninsula

This painting is dedicated to Trent, a dear friend and Sea Shepherd volunteer who was tragically killed by a large piece of marine debris at Rosebud beach. It was a privilege to be able to work with so many friends and supporters of the campaign in creating this beautiful and important piece of art. Please support their efforts by following the Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign Facebook page and taking part in a local Marine Debris clean up day.