Manage Your Shares on the Move With the Investor Centre App


Easily manage your share portfolio on the move with the free Investor Centre app*. Download it from Apple’s App Store or Google Play and use your Investor Centre username and password to access your information. For new users registering on the Investor Centre app or website, you’ll need to verify your identity using a combination of three security questions and answers that are unique to you. URL investor

The app also uses a colour scheme and key words to ensure you’re not being phished and has 82 security questions so the information cannot be socially engineered or extracted from a social media profile.

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To register, you’ll need to have your Shareholder Reference Number, Company name and postcode to hand and agree to Computershare’s terms and conditions. Once registered, you can self-service your shareholding at any time and access a help centre full of useful information. *The Investor Centre app is free to download, however your mobile network provider may charge you for data access on your device. Please check your network provider’s terms and conditions before downloading.