How to Repair Cracked Concrete Steps

Whether scuffed up by winter weather or by the passage of time, concrete steps that are beginning to show signs of wear are a potential safety hazard and need to be repaired. The extent of the damage will determine the best repair method to be used.

Depending on the condition of the steps, a concrete step repair specialist may recommend one of several options to repair the problem. For example, if the steps are simply cracked and need to be smoothed out, a simple patching material like quick set cement will do the trick. A more extensive problem, such as a sinking section of the steps, will require a more structural approach to the repair.

Fixing Concrete Steps: Tips for Efficient Repair

Begin by cleaning the steps thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris or stains. Using a wire brush or a hammer and mason’s chisel, chip away soft or crumbling concrete from around cracks or other damaged areas. This step is very important and if left unaddressed can lead to more serious problems.

For a more extensive crack repair, make a wood form to hold the new cement in place. Cover any surfaces that will not be part of the final repairs with masking tape to protect them from cement buildup. Mix a small batch of quick-setting cement in a bucket and add an acrylic fortifier. Stir the mixture with a mixing paddle chucked in a drill and apply to the cracked surface.

After applying the cement, smooth it with a margin trowel to make the transition between the new and existing concrete as seamless as possible. Dampen the area where you will be adding the cement, but make sure that it is not soaking wet, as this can cause the new concrete to shrink and weaken over time.