How to Make a Resin Necklace

Having your own resin necklace is the best way to express your style. The process of making this type of jewelry is simple, and the outcome is a unique pendant. Adding various objects or glitter to the mixture is an easy way to make it look more colorful and interesting. If you aren’t happy with the final result, a few simple steps can turn your jewelry into something more stylish.

Can you wear resin jewelry everyday?

Besides the typical jewelry molds, you’ll need a couple of small mixing containers and a drop sheet to protect your workspace from drips and spills. A few pieces of sandpaper or a fine-grade polishing paste can be used to smooth the edges of the resin. You can also add an opalescent pigment or some glitter to the resin before pouring to create a more dramatic effect.

Resin can be dangerous if mixed improperly, so you’ll need to follow the directions on the label to prevent air bubbles. It’s also important to seal porous ephemera like scrapbook paper or fabric before embedding them in the resin. If you don’t, the ephemera will blur and become discolored in the finished piece of resin jewelry.

For those who want to take their jewelry making to the next level, consider adding some wire wrapping techniques to your creations. Wrapping wire around your resin necklace and securing it in place with creative twists can add a lot to the overall look. For example, you can wire wrap an opalescent crystal to the back of a wooden pendant to add some sparkle.