How to Download Courses From MOOC Tracker

In order to download a course, you will need to access the course website. Navigate to the main page of the course, and then click the Download Courses icon. Once the download has been complete, you will be prompted to disable offline mode. If you do not want to disable offline mode, you can log out of the course and then re-enter it.

Download All Course Content

To download course content, you can go to the course registration site, Class Central. There, look for the red PSA for the course. The PSA indicates that the course is on an older platform. It is important to download a course before it’s closed to students. The MOOC Tracker will notify you when a course moves to another platform.

In addition, you can download the entire course to your mobile device. Then, you can view the course offline, as long as you have a USB drive available. If you do not have enough internal storage space on your phone, you can download a course to your phone’s SD card and watch it later.

Once you’ve done that, you should choose a course. It may take several minutes to download a course. You will receive an email when the download is complete. If you don’t receive the email, try to download the course again using a stable internet connection. If you’re having trouble downloading a course, make sure you have the latest version of the app.