How to Create a Sewing Box Organizer

sewing box organizer

With all the fabrics, thread and other supplies needed for sewing projects, it can be hard to keep everything organized. With a little planning and ingenuity, however, you can create a sewing box organizer to suit your needs and aesthetic.

Look for sewing box organizer containers with a variety of compartments to hold different types of supplies. Some containers also have latches to secure the lid, making it easier for you to carry the container from room to room or to sewing classes and retreats. You may also want to consider the style of the container; if you plan on leaving it out, choose one that coordinates with your d├ęcor.

Efficient Sewing Storage: Embrace Organization with a Sewing Box Organizer

If you’re a seamstress who has lots of fabric scraps, you can use clear plastic totes to organize your stash by color and size. Then, you can easily find the specific piece of fabric that you need for a particular project without having to dig through a stack of scraps.

A large portable sewing container has a clear top and removable dividers to hold small notions, such as buttons, snaps, needles and hook and eye fasteners. The bottom of the case holds larger items, including sewing tools, patterns and scissors. This container can also be used for knitting and crochet projects, as well as paper crafts like scrapbooking. This storage container features a durable padded handle and a built-in pin cushion lid to keep your pins untangled. This case is compact enough to store in a bag for easy transportation from room to room or to sewing classes and workshops.