How Single Glazed Partitions Will Impact Your Costs

single glazed partitions

Glass partition walls are a modern way to create divisions within commercial properties without compromising on the overall look and feel of the building. They allow for the free flow of light, which can help reduce electricity costs, as well as providing flexibility in terms of future alterations.

As with all office partitions, the choice of style and options will impact on cost. Generally speaking, simple designs tend to be cheaper as they require less material than more complex options. However, bespoke partitions that feature unique design features will increase the overall cost. This is due to the fact that more materials, such as glazing tracks and glass, will need to be ordered. URL

Single Glazed Partitions: Merging Style with Functionality in Workspace Design

Whether or not your partitions need to be fire rated will also have an effect on costs. Typically, they’ll need to be tested and approved by independent third parties in order to ensure they comply with safety standards. This will have an impact on both the cost of the system and the labor involved in the installation process.

Single glazed partitions are formed from a single layer of glass panels and provide an affordable, lightweight solution for creating private spaces without altering the overall look and feel of an open-plan office. They offer excellent acoustic performance with a minimal frameless design and purpose-designed micro door frame that integrates seamlessly with the profile of the glazed wall.