Garden Edging Systems

Garden edging systems are used to define the boundaries of your garden and add a touch of charm. These products can be found in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from simple plastic sheets in six inch high rolls to free-standing blocks of masonry and is guaranteed to last for atleast 3 decades..

What tool is best for edging a garden?

Landscape edging is an excellent way to maintain a clean, neat edge between your lawn and flower beds. It can also help separate weeds from your flower bed.

Metal garden edging provides a clean and neat line around your plants. Metal is also durable and is resistant to rust and rotting.

Metal garden edging is very effective and easy to install. You can create a clean and defined edge around your flower beds and lawn with ease. This is an ideal accent to any garden.

In addition to separating your lawn and flower bed, landscape edging can be used to separate mulch from the lawn. A well-placed edging will provide a clear border and will allow you to efficiently mow the grass.

Plastic garden edging can be used in the same way as metal edging, but can be installed in a different manner. Rather than using a sharpshooter spade, you can simply bend the edging and push it around the flower beds.

Rubber edging is another popular option. This type of edging is made from recycled material and is ideal for use near flower beds, driveways, and even next to trees.

Poly-resin ‘rock stones’ are flexible and are fungus-resistant. They come in a range of neutral colors. These stones are 12 inches long and are topped with built-in spikes.