Factors Driving the Growth of the Thailand Gaming Industry

Several factors have helped push the Thai gaming industry forward. It’s still a small market, but it’s gaining momentum. The industry has a lot of potential and will continue to grow.

Which country has biggest gaming?

The country is home to many game developers. Many classic games have been converted into new online platforms. This helps draw in new consumers. In addition, many Thai gamers are now making money from playing online games.

The government of Thailand has recognized the potential of the gaming industry. It has set up a national master plan for the sector. It has also provided significant funding for the development of the industry. It’s also worked with telecommunications and other industry players to develop the industry. คลิกเลย http://www.aeufa.cc

A recent survey demonstrates the popularity of games among Thai gamers. One of the most popular games is Candy Crush. In fact, 45% of gamers played the game within the last six months. The game is a huge hit with both genders.

The gaming industry has seen massive growth in 2017. According to NewZoo, the gaming industry in Thailand has experienced a strong growth rate. It is estimated to earn $597 million in 2017. The gaming industry is also expected to grow 15% on average in 2021.

In the first half of 2021, 95% of paid gamers spent their money on in-game products. This includes virtual goods and playable characters.

Another key factor driving the growth of the gaming industry in Thailand is E-Sports competition. Professional gamers are beginning to earn a significant income from playing games. They also receive support from the Professional Sports Promotion Fund.