Collecting Antique Gas Pumps

Antique gas pumps are more than functional fuel dispensers; they are captivating pieces of history and testament to the ingenuity and innovation that drove human progress. Their captivating styles and designs make them treasured collectibles for enthusiasts around the world. The value of a collector’s piece is determined by a number of factors, including authenticity, condition, and location.

Pumping Up the Past: Exploring the Collectible World of Vintage Gas Pumps

The earliest pumps had clear glass tanks so people could see the fuel they were buying. As automobile ownership rose through the 1900s, so did the design of the gas pump. In the early 1920s, Bowser introduced a taller pump that sported air vents for safety and a mechanism to deliver a specific amount of gasoline straight into an automobile’s tank. This new pump also featured what looked like a clock face that indicated the consumed volume, but did not compute the cost of the gasoline. In a few years, the pump would be further improved with the addition of small clear glass cylinders integrated into the hose that allowed the consumer to see exactly what they were getting.

Modern computerized gasoline pumps soon replaced the older style gas pumps of the day, but they were not without their charm and beauty. The old gas pumps were designed to be bold and eye-catching, to capture the attention of drivers while providing them with all the information they needed at a glance.

Today, collectors can find vintage gas pumps in many different locations and situations. There are online marketplaces, auctions, and collectibles shows that feature these unique pieces of history. It is always wise to do thorough research and be alert to counterfeits when acquiring antique gas pumps, so you can ensure that your investment in these historical artifacts is a sound one.