Erotic Porn in Germany

The German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the Federal Republic of Germany all continued to censor writings. In the early 1800s, ecclesiastical courts of justice lost authority. As a result, censorship was exercised through governments, as well as through the crown.

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For example, in the 1920s, trials against ‘indecent’ material became part of the legal apparatus of the state. This was a major accomplishment for Germany. Although the censorship of literature was still common, the government was able to use the new trial process to limit the dissemination of ‘indecent’ content.

A more recent example of this type of censorship was the German Edathy affair, which occurred in 2013/14. It was a case where the German BKA sat on a Canadian child pornography find that had been brought to its attention in 2006. These Eroticporntubez Erotikchat methods were not new, however. Many publications were confiscated for ‘lewdness’ in the 1920s.

One of the best-known victims of pre-censorship was the nineteenth century writer Heinrich Heine. His 1826 chapter in his Reisebilder ridiculed censors.

Today, the federal government continues to censor writings. As a result, many erotic literature books and videos are illegal. Some are considered ‘filth’, but this is not the case with all.

However, there are several labels in Germany that focus on intense hardcore themes. A few of these include John Thompson Productions, which produces the German Goo Girls series. Also, the largest publishing company in Germany, the Catholic Church-owned company Weltbild, sells over 2,500 erotic novels in its online catalogue.

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