Buy Investment Properties in Melbourne

Buy Investment Properties in Melbourne

Buying Using Super to Buy Investment Property is an ideal way for new investors to get on the property ladder, with many choosing to buy apartments instead of freestanding houses. This allows them to purchase the property below it’s real market value, which will then generate rental income to cover mortgage repayments and potentially reap capital gains at a later date.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an investment property, it’s important to find one that is in a location where there’s a high demand for rentals. This means finding a suburb that has a growing population and is well-serviced with employment opportunities, infrastructure, schools and amenities. It should also be a desirable place to live, which means that locals are willing to pay a premium price to live there, which will put a financial floor under your investment.

Beyond the Basics: Unlocking the Potential of Investment Properties in Melbourne

A growing population and a strong economy are driving shifts in Melbourne market trends. With changing family circumstances, younger buyers are trading backyards for courtyards and balconies and choosing medium-density inner-city and waterfront apartment properties. Families are moving to locations that offer effective transport infrastructure and access to quality education and amenities.

The number of available properties in Melbourne has dropped, but the city remains a popular investment destination. A high level of demand has kept vacancy rates low, and developers are adding apartments to meet this need. However, investors should avoid the CBD and surrounding areas where there is an oversupply of new stock. Until overseas migrants and tourists return, these suburbs will likely experience sluggish rental growth.