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|Basement Finishing Orland Park IL

“Homeowners love to build, but often have an idea and desire to create a different space, but most find they aren’t quite sure of exactly what that final finished project would look like. Our clients have repeatedly stated what they value most about Maka Homes their creative intuition. They feel like our custom house plans and designs reflect their personal visions. When it comes to the basement remodel or finishing of your home, trusting your instincts is a crucial step in making smart choices and doing things that will enhance and accentuate the space you’ve created. Maka Homes uses the same principles that we use when working with clients to bring clients’ concepts and ideas to life.


Basement Finishing Orland Park, IL offers a complete suite of custom house plans designed with you in mind from the moment you walk through the doors. Our expert craftsmen take the time to work with each client to ensure they understand the scale of their home and all of the components they hope to include. From the original plan to the finishes and accessories, we strive to ensure that each client’s dream home becomes a reality. From the initial concept to the finished results, Maka Homes set the standard for excellence in home design.


Whether you’re looking for a new home or just want to update the style of your existing one, Maka Homes can help. Our skilled craftsmen make it easy to find just the right fit for your needs. We work with clients to bring their unique ideas to life. Whether it be updating an existing structure to create a more contemporary space or redecorating to create a more traditional home in an elegant style, our team of skilled professionals will assist you from the concept to the finished results.