An Introduction to Floating Timber Floors

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Floating Timber Flooring Brisbane is the fastest growing area in the construction and finishing industry. It has exploded from just a handful of companies to literally hundreds, and this number continues to grow. The popularity of floating timber flooring in Brisbane can be attributed to the many advantages of this type of flooring over conventional hardwood, tile, and composite flooring. First, it is highly attractive and modern. Many homeowners love its contemporary look that is sure to please any potential buyer, and floating timber floors Brisbane manufacturers are taking advantage of this by offering a wide variety of designs that appeal to many people.

What Everyone Must Know About Floating Timber Floors Brisbane

Also, floating flooring has a much lower installation cost than standard flooring systems because it does not require cutting, stapling, glue, or nails, and it is a completely non-combustible surface. Hardwood flooring and composite flooring systems are quite costly to install because they typically require more specialized installation techniques, including gluing the subfloor to the hardwood or composite deck, nailing down the boards to the hardwood deck, and using bonding glue to hold everything together permanently. Because floating flooring is so easy to install and remove, many homeowners choose this form of flooring for both the home’s interior and exterior surfaces.

Most of the time, floating timber floors Brisbane are made using recycled hardwood or plywood boards that have been cut to custom lengths. A few floating timber floor installations may use genuine hardwood, but for the most part these floating timber floors are made from reclaimed or recycled hardwood products. With the combination of reclaimed or recycled wood, the flooring is then laminated with a special floating timber surface that seals the wood and creates a non-slip surface. This non-slip surface also prevents rain, moisture, and other forms of damage that traditional wood flooring can bring.