Amish Faceless Dolls

Amish faceless dolls are a popular souvenir for tourists visiting Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They are made from old clothing, such as a dress or skirt, a headscarf, and a coordinating calico apron. They come in a variety of hair colors and are child friendly with no buttons or snaps.

Amish Dolls Without Faces

The reason that many Amish rag dolls do not have faces is rooted in deeply rooted religious beliefs. The Amish adhere to a line of thinking that prohibits the creation of graven images, which can be possessed by demons. This is an important part of their Ordnung, which they use to guide how they live their lives.

Some Amish people also believe that dolls can be possessed by evil spirits and may have the ability to see and speak through their eyes or even grab things with their hands. This belief is a major reason why they do not want to decorate their dolls with facial features like eyes, noses, mouths, or fingers.

Another explanation for why the Amish do not make their rag dolls with facial features is that they want to reinforce the idea that everyone is equal in God’s eyes. This is in line with their theology that “all are created in the image of God,” meaning that all humans are equally loved by their creator.

While there are several theories as to why the Amish do not create their rag dolls with facial features, most believe that it is due to their religious beliefs. These beliefs stem from the book of Deuteronomy, which says that man cannot create graven images.