Intelligent Merchandising for Retail

Retail Express Services is shifting the way retailers approach retail merchandising. With AI technology, merchandising teams can automate and streamline their processes and focus on more valuable tasks — delivering the personalized experience today’s consumers have come to expect.

AI enables automated and dynamic merchandising to help reduce stockouts, improve sell thru’s and drive revenue growth. It also provides deep insights to better understand customer behavior and deliver accurate, real-time product recommendations that are personalized for each shopper.

Smarter, data-driven merchandising processes help retailers optimize and automate price, promotion, ad and inventory management. This is done by taking into account the impact and cross effects of any new merchandising decisions such as prices, promotions or adverts across multiple channels and stores. This helps to ensure that your customers get the best possible offer, every time.

From Shelf to Screen: Digital Transformation in Retail Merchandising

Powered by Gen AI and natural language models, smart merchandising solutions support the ability to automatically identify, label, and categorize product attributes. This allows AI to perform merchandising tasks faster and more accurately than humans, and can even spot trends and sales patterns at speeds far beyond human capabilities.

Smarter field merchandising using Best Shelf Action enables brands to lighten the decision burden for their field reps so they can focus on more hands-on tasks. With the ability to capture shelf conditions and make on-the-fly adjustments with just a few photos taken by a mobile device, the process is much more efficient and effective.

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